To complement the services provided to customers, Eurochem Ricerche have signed agreements with some Italian Universities, laboratories and private accredited Surveys Statistics Agencies for the execution of test performance, security and market research in support of analytical evaluations conducted and applications of customer marketing.

Eurochem Ricerche is the only client contact, coordinating and monitoring all activities conducted on its behalf, ensuring the implementation of appropriate protocols and systems of high confidentiality.

Example of test:

Moisturizing Test
Patch test
Hypoallergic Patch Test
Expert Panel Test
Antiwrinkle Test
Anticellulite Test
Skin elasticity
Clinical studies
Anti dandruff Test
Hair loss Test
Custom Test … and so on..


For over 20 years, our laboratory is looking for test the efficacy and tolerability of cosmetic products of the most important brands in the market on voluntary people.
Tests are conducted under strict dermatological control, in accordance with international protocols. Volunteers have the opportunity to try new cosmetic even before their launch.
When the test is completed, every volunteer is paid a fee which depends substantially on the type of commitment required.


The requirements for joining our team of volunteers are:

– Reliability in terms of accuracy in performing the instructions received and punctuality in appointments, which are normally set from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00.

– An age between 18 to 65 years for both sexes

– Absence of conditions in place or pregnancy

– Traceability and availability in the time of the opening bands laboratory

– Possession of the Tax Code

Become a volunteer does not necessarily imply DOVER undergo a test, every time there is a need we will contact you to inform you of the type of test and ask you confirmation of your availability.

We are looking for volunteers to run tests for evaluating the efficacy and tolerability of cosmetic products.