To meet the requirements set in the regulations of the sector, microbiological testing is an essential element to ensure the safety of marketed products.
Thanks to its experience and the use of the most up-to-date analytical procedures, Eurochem Ricerche is able to offer a wide range of tests that complete and fulfill every customer need.

Our company can also perform environmental monitoring at the customer location, for the microbiological verification of systems and equipment, also providing adequate advice in detecting any critical issues.

The shelf life and the antimicrobial efficacy of each product are also significant aspects to validate their safety and the desired effects and impact on marketing claims. Eurochem Ricerche is also prepared and experienced in assisting its client in regards to these critical details.


Quality control

  • Total mesophilic bacteria count
  • Yeasts and moulds research
  • Research of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Enviromental monitoring
  • Microbiological testing of production water
  • Microbiological testing on packaging

Effectiveness study

  • Bacterial knock down efficacy
  • Repeated insult test
  • Evaluation of antibacterial or antifunginal efficacy
  • Solution of specific customer issues
  • PAO and expiry date evaluation
  • Challenge test