To meet the requirements set in the regulations of the sector, microbiological testing is an essential element to ensure the safety of marketed products. Thanks to its experience and by performing the analytical procedures most used, Eurochem Ricerche is able to offer a wide range of tests to fulfill and complete every customer requirement.

It can also perform environmental monitoring at the customer, for microbiological testing of equipment/plants and provide appropriate advice in the detection of possible critical points. Other important aspects for the evaluation of a product is effectiveness and preservation, important data to justify the claimed effects and marketing impact.

Quality control:

total mesophilic bacteria count
yeasts and moulds research
research of pathogenic microorganisms
enviromental monitoring
microbiological testing of production water
microbiological testing on packaging
Effectiveness study:

bacterial knock down efficacy
repeated insult test
evaluation of antibacterial or antifunginal efficacy
solution of specific customer issues
PAO and expiry date evaluation
challenge test

We are looking for volunteers to run tests for evaluating the efficacy and tolerability of cosmetic products.