Physical – Chemical

The physical-chemical laboratory deals with the study of various parameters in complex matrices such as:

Raw materials (surfactants, sunscreen filters, etc.),
Cosmetics (sunscreen lotion, body lotion, etc.),
Dietary Supplement (alimentary, for hairs, etc.),
Cleaning products (detergents, shampoo, etc.),
Process water.
Eurochem Ricerche makes available its decennial experience in the field of analysis for the planning of routine analysis on raw materials and production batches and for the development of new methods of analysis on matrices and unusual products, to assess the stability, quality and effectiveness claimed.

Thanks to an appropriate and sophisticated instrumentations, is able to:

study the morphological appearance of the most common cosmetic matrices with the microscope,
carry out accelerated stability studies (in forced conditions),
perform test of stability of cosmetics products under the solar light (SUN TEST),
study the rheology of finished products,
determinate the value of UVA-PF in vitro following the Standard EN ISO 24443: 2012 Cosmetics -Sun Protection Test Method- In Vitro Determination of Sunscreen UVA-Photo protection,
verify and quantify the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in vitro of different products and of different matrix,
verify and determinate the in vitro water resistence of sunscreen products (Water Resistant),
analysis of heavy metals traces (for example Nickel, Chromium, Cobal) in cosmetics, with digestion of the  matric at high Pressure,
effectiveness and stability of sunscreens,
analysis on raw materials,
quali-quantitative determination of active ingredients in finished products,
basic analysis (pH, viscosity, density ….),
verification of the presence of pollutants, and restricted or prohibited substances in the products,
titration of surfactants ,
quality control of water production.

We are looking for volunteers to run tests for evaluating the efficacy and tolerability of cosmetic products.