Physical Chemical

The chemical-physical laboratory is critical, since it deals with the study of different parameters in complex matrices. Eurochem Ricerche is able to assist its client both for the programming of routine analysis on raw materials and production batches, and for the development of new investigation methods on matrices and unusual products, suitable for evaluating their stability, boasted quality and effectiveness.


  • Raw materials (surfactants, sunscreens, etc.)
  • Cosmetics (sun creams, body lotions, etc.)
  • Cleaning products (detergents, environmental fragrances, etc.)
  • Process waters
  • Pet beauty & food

Thanks to an appropriate and sophisticated instrumentations, is able to:

  • study the morphological aspect under the microscope of the most common cosmetic matrices,
  • conduct accelerated stability studies (in forced conditions),
  • perform stability tests of cosmetic products in sunlight (SUN TEST),
  • study the rheology of finished products,
  • analyze the presence of traces of heavy metals (for example nickel, chromium, cobalt) in cosmetics, with digestion of the matrix at high pressure,
  • analysis on raw materials,
  • quantitative determination of active ingredients in finished products,
  • basic tests (pH, viscosity, density),
  • verification of the presence of polluting substances, limited or prohibited inside the products,
  • tenside of surfactants,
  • quality control of the production water.