Research and development

In order to assist its customers in the creation of products that stand out for quality, safety and innovation, Eurochem Ricerche has always invested in its Research & Development department.

In specific, the Cosmetic Research Laboratory has been valuably growing in past few years, and it is qualified of dealing with:

  • constant monitoring of market trends,
  • products quality,
  • study and development of new formulations,
  • tests for marketing a new product.

Particularly, when we study new formulations for third party brands, we are able to develop products with a high technological and innovative content, due to a continuous search for ingredients that meet both functional requirements and commercial requests.

Thanks to a heterogeneous work team with different experience and professional training, all Research And Development projects are successfully treated in all aspects: chemical, microbiological, safety and efficacy, up to the final realization, to ensure the highest quality of each product.