Due to the pressing requests from stakeholders and international regulatory compliance, Eurochem Ricerche has always been driven to develop and implement the most modern in vitro analytical techniques, to replace or support the more ethically discussed animal or in vivo practices. This research, and the constant update on world achievements in this field, have always been our pride, which over time is rooted in a company’s mission.

Eurochem Ricerche uses an integrated multi-instrumental approach that exploits the potential of multiple techniques to provide solid evidential support for both existing and new or desired claims.

For this reason, our in vitro tests are designed with the aim of giving shape and value to the marketing requests of our customers, before or in combination with clinical studies.



  • Skin irritation (OECD 439)
  • Damage induction over time
  • Oral mucosal irritation
  • Vaginal mucosal irritation using reconstituted vaginal epithelium inserts
  • Ocular mucosal irritation using reconstituted ocular mucosal epithelium inserts
  • Gingival mucosal irritation using reconstituted gingival epithelium inserts
  • Corrosivity OECD431
  • Photoirritation

Effectiveness on reconstituted epidermis

  • Barrier effect
  • Soothing effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Depigmenting effect
  • Pigmenting effect

Effectiveness on reconstituted dermal-epidermis inserts

  • Antioxidant-anti-aging effect (SOD activity)
  • Anti-aging effect (expression of collagen, elastin)
  • Strengthening effect on the hair (specific cytokeratins expression)

We also perform the safety test – Het Cam Test.