The increasingly pressing demands from stakeholders and the international regulatory compliance have always been motivated Eurochem Ricerche in the development and implementation of modern analysis in vitro, in place of or in support of the most ethically discussed practices or animals in vivo. This research, and the constant update on world achievements in this field, have always been our pride, which over time is rooted in a company’s mission.

Some examples:

MTT test
Neutral red uptake
Test reconstructed human epidermis
Test reconstructed human mucosa (vaginal, oral)
Tests on reconstituted human cornea
corrosivity tests
Het cam test
soothing tests
Effective tanning accelerator
anti-aging effect
Dosages of inflammatory mediators
Determination of the protection factor (SPF) of sunscreen products in vitro
Determination of the UVA-PF (EN ISO 24443: 2012 Cosmetics -Sun Protection Test method- In Vitro Determination of Sunscreen UVA-protection Photo)
Determination of water-resistant in vitro