What does consulting mean for us?

It means welcoming and assisting our customers in the development of their ideas, responding to their needs and ensuring proficiency, availability and proactivity throughout the process, up to the conclusion of the assignment. The passion, enthusiasm and pragmatic approach of our team are the strengths of the management, analysis and resolution of every problem related to each project.

Our main added value is that we know how to interpret and work with analytical outputs, relating them with products and with the different production issues.

In addition to the areas of expertise and product sectors that our experts have always been able to deal with, Eurochem Ricerche is able to carry out P.I.F. (Product Information File) cosmetics, according to the provisions of Regulation 1223/2009 of the European Parliament, Annex I. The company has also always distinguished itself in the evaluation of dangerous preparations, with the creation of Technical Data Sheets as well as Safety Data Sheets, and a wide range of analytical tests aimed at evaluating their impact (Flash Point, in vitro corrosivity and irritation tests).

Significant importance must be also given to the experience that Eurochem Ricerche has invested in research and characterization of vegetable origin extracts, and natural origin ingredients that we can know offer to our clients to be used in different sectors.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of all our services, our staff is subject to a careful and planned training and updating plan.

Furthermore, Eurochem Ricerche regularly carries out interlaboratory tests to verify the analytical procedures adopted, participates in working groups for the development of new analytical methods, and is certified according to the criteria of ISO 9001: 2015. She has been a UNIPRO member and a UNI member for more than 25 years.

Areas of expertise


Detergents and dangerous products

Medical devices

Quality certifications



Our consultancy

Starting from the consultation of the most important databases in the sector, the consultancy on cosmetic products goes through the execution of basic analysis on raw materials, prototypes and finished products, up to the realization of the final formulation with the commissioning of the pilot test. Legal advice is also provided for all matters relating to the production and marketing of cosmetic products, including the creation of the P.I.F. (Product Information File) complete with toxicological and safety assessment in accordance with the provisions of Regulation no. 1223/2009.

Medical Devices belong to a complex sector, which deals with a large variety of products and is strictly controlled from a regulatory point of view. It is governed by Regulation (EU) 2017/745 which manages its classification, production activities and placing on the market. Thanks to decades of experience, constant updating on current legislation, and a multidisciplinary team, Eurochem Ricerche provides valuable support in the study, management and certification of Medical Devices, as well as working as a solid chemical-physical and microbiological laboratory.

Using official methods and constantly updated softwares, Eurochem Ricerche is able to support manufacturing companies in the qualitative study and analysis of their products and market leaders, taking care of the compliance with current regulations at the same time.

Included in these classes of products are disinfectants and substances marketed as germicides or bactericides, insecticides for domestic and civil use and insect repellents. These products must follow a production and marketing authorization procedure according to legislation that has evolved over the years.

Despite the increasing importance of the various types of cosmetics for animals, there is still no specific legislation regulating these products. They are in fact classified as free sale products, and therefore equated to generic chemical articles such as detergents, without there being any real protection (in composition and in safety) against the animals they are intended to. And if it is true that the activity has not been regulated yet, the responsibility and reputation of each company are directly involved. Eurochem Ricerche is able to assist its clients towards an accurate approach (formulation, analytical and regulatory issues) for the management of these products.

Regulation (EC) n.1223 / 2009 requires to follow Good Manufacturing Practices in cosmetic production, using the so-called cosmetic GMPs (UNI EN ISO 22716) as a reference guideline. As a Responsible Person placing a cosmetic product on the market by relying on external producers, any company is obliged to verify its conformity with GMPs. Eurochem Ricerche has qualified experts who are able to assist all its clients (both producers and sellers) in verifying the documentary and structural compliance with cosmetic GMPs.

Eurochem Ricerche Quality consulting also provides for the preparation and updating of a company Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and the performance of audits according to ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 22716 at companies and suppliers.